Brainerd Memorial Library
920 SAYBROOK ROAD, HADDAM, CT 06438     P:860.345.2204

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Present Floor Plan

The Brainerd Memorial Library is planning a renovation!  We are excited to share these design concepts and architect’s statement summarizing the proposed work.

This is the beginning of a multi-year project, that is planned to include:

  • Restoration of the historic 1906 rooms

  • Reconfiguration of the Children’s Room, with direct access from a new parking lot

  • Creation of a dedicated Teen Room

  • Renovation of the Community Room, also with direct access from a new parking lot

  • A new, main-level Friends Book Nook and expanded vestibule

  • Three small meeting/study rooms

  • A spacious layout for the main library

  • New carpet and paint

We welcome your feedback, and invite you to visit and inspect the full-sized plans in person.  If you would like a guided walk-through of the building to see where the proposed changes will take place, or discuss any other component of the plans, please contact Library Director Tom Piezzo at (860) 345-2204 or at .

Thanks for your interest.

The Brainerd Memorial Library

         Proposed Main Level

                                   Proposed Lower Level

Link to: Architectural Descriptions from Fellner Assoc. Architects