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Teen Summer Reading!

YA Summer Reading 2020

Earn raffle tickets up to August 17th to be entered for a chance to win these prizes:

– Mystical forest tapestry
– Salt lamp
– Neon light
– $20 H-K Dairy Barn Gift Cert.

Sign up here for Young Adult 2020 Summer Reading HERE!
This year’s Summer Reading theme is: ​​​​​​”Imagine your story”

Earn raffle tickets up to August 17th and enter them for a chance to win prizes!

You can earn raffle tickets by…
✧ Reading – including required reading for school! (1 hour read = 1 ticket)
✧ Joining any TAB meetings or virtual activities
✧ Partaking in BML YA art or writing prompts
✧ Tagging Brainerd Memorial Library in imaginative posts relating to Summer’s “imagine your story” theme

Writing prompts & ideas:
✧ Imagine you are a fantastical creature. Write a journal entry about your day as a different creature!
✧ Write about your summer “adventure” so far
✧ Anything else creative or imaginative you’d like to share!

Art (artwork, photography, crafts, etc) prompts & ideas:
✧ Turn yourself into a fantasy creature of your choice!
✧ Make something that’s your definition of the word “magical”
✧ Keep a photographic record of your summer “adventure” so far (could be a vacation, or a daily log of your summer!)
✧ Anything else creative or imaginative you’d like to share!

Please send any finished prompts to Katrina at so that you can earn raffle tickets!
Katrina will keep a physical track of raffle tickets and who owns how many. They will be put in the corresponding prize raffle box of your choice. Winners will be pulled on August 25th. 

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